Creating Insights - Inspiring Flow

Get out of the pressure - live with more ease!

  • What is actually the essence of my being? What do I really want?

    How do I get out of the pressure I feel right now and into more ease?

    How can I shape my life, in harmony with myself?

    Important elements for me are the connection of intuitive perception, rational understanding and active shaping - 

    as simple as possible.



Three modules will guide you on your path:

  • Creating clarity and insights  - Recognizing and understanding-  what is my true purpose and goal? What is my path? What is in the way?
  • Unleashing potential - Building more awareness, strengthening intuition, releasing resistance - creating more spaces and possibilities for action 
  • Living with purpose - Actively shaping life in harmony with yourself! Experiencing more freedom and fulfillment!

Andrea Danner... 

... My path led from a role in private equity - focused on numbers, data, facts - to people. In the process, I was moved by change processes and how to master them successfully.
Only when I realized that it's not really about change, but about growths, living my life and purpose and becoming myself more fully in the process - it became much easier.


Andrea - 12_08_23


These courses will set you on a path of personal transformation. A good starting place is "Moving into Balance". 

Moving Into Balance

Understanding my deepest values, passions and purposes and how to go for it!

Moving Beyond Boundaries

Moving beyond my personal barriers - breaking free of limiting beliefs, triggers and traits!

The Art of Performance

Building a life of sustainable fulfillment - performing with joy and ease!