Moving from Performance Pressure to Performing with Pleasure –

Gaining clarity about your “true” goals, tapping into your potential and starting to work light will help you to perform better, with more ease.

  • You are a high achiever and you have always more to do, than you can often handle
  • Your goals are high and you often enjoy juggling a lot of projects and challenges 
  • However at times you feel tired, frustrated and overwhelmed
  • may be you even feel close to a burn-out 
  • In any case, you really would love to move from a feeling of pressure to more performing with pleasure
    • In your private life – you may be looking for more joy and love
    • In your job – you may want to accomplish high goals with more ease 
    • In your leadership role – you may want to lead your team to a stronger engagement and performing with flow

In my life, I have always been a high achiever. I successfully lead teams in Management Roles, built a consulting company and overcame many challenges in my private life. 

One question was guiding me most of my times: “ How can I perform with less pressure and more ease?”

For more than 20 years I have been searching all across the world, have spent tens of thousands in personal development programs and gradually found a way that works. This I would love to share with you.  

The programs below are set up as a process, they build on each other, however can also be taken separately. 

  • The first program is about getting more into Balance – working light, 
  • The second program supports you in tapping into your potential, releasing resistance and taking a closer look at potentially limiting templates 
  • The third program than supports you in establishing a path to excellence with ease and joy

Andrea Danner... 

... my path leads from numbers, data and facts  to people , especially people in change processes. Always driven by high performance, close to burnout, always wanting to achieve a lot, my own change process has brought me through many ups and downs.


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These courses will set you on a path of personal transformation. A good starting place is "Moving into Balance". 

Moving Into Balance

Understanding my deepest values, passions and purposes and how to go for it!

Moving Beyond Boundaries

Moving beyond my personal barriers - breaking free of limiting beliefs, triggers and traits!

The Art of Performance

Building a life of sustainable fulfillment - performing with joy and ease!