4f04f8cd[1] KopieAndrea Danner... 

... my path leads from numbers, data and facts  to people , especially people in change processes. Always driven by high performance, close to burnout, always wanting to achieve a lot, my own change process has brought me through many ups and downs.

As a Leadership Consultant /  AD Leadership GmbH and in operational personnel management roles at home and abroad, I have experienced many different situations, got to know, felt and lived challenges from employees in organizations.

As a mother of two wonderful daughters (two times divorced), I have also gone through a lot of ups and downs, experienced a lot, I learned a lot, let go of a lot, laughed a lot, cried a lot and met life again and again "anew" with passion.

My passion is to support people in challenging situations to gain clarity of what they truly want, how they can tap into their resources and potential, build more resilience and strengths and then thrive with more joy and ease.