My personal path from pressure to more lightness & joy: is born...

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Tears ran down my face as I - as is so often the case - sat awake in bed early on a Sunday morning. The gray sky reflected the gray that enveloped my soul. How many times had I sat on this bed crying my eyes out of my head while my daughters slept blissfully.

Oppressive self-critical thoughts overwhelmed me in my gray in gray world: “Stop crying! Give your best! Pull yourself together!"

But I couldn't do it anymore. I let my shoulders drop in resignation, feeling like the entire responsibility of this world rests on it. I felt very much under pressure. Under massive pressure. I felt like I was squeezed into a car press. The outer walls closed mercilessly and with no hope of a way out. My heart became ever narrower and ice cold - I no longer felt any warmth in me. And my sobs got louder and louder.

There it was again: This unbearable pressure to earn a living, to be a good mother and a good daughter and sister, to perform above average as a leader, to meet the immensely high standards, endless to-do lists that I already have never got done on time. I was fed up with it!

Next to me was a huge pile of literature on western and eastern philosophies, positive thinking, meditation, affirmations, compassion, letting go and much more. In front of me was my computer, filled with the myriad of self-help programs I'd started since my second divorce. I must have already spent thousands of euros on it. With hardly any progress worth mentioning.

As on each of those Sunday mornings in question, I started looking on the internet for something that would give me comfort. And that morning I came across a video of Janet Bray Attwood. She developed the so-called Passion Test . And when she talked about leading an enthusiastic / passionate / passionate life, I immediately knew - THAT'S IT!

That was exactly what I missed - ENTHUSIASM / PASSION. I really didn’t have any more enthusiasm / passion in my body. And I had also lost all lightheartedness ...

Long story short ...

That April I became a certified Passion Test Trainer / Passion Test Facilitator. A little later in the same year I developed my “core” and “work passions” / key and work passions. I felt more and more carefree and gained more energy every day. And I began to focus on my passion and pursue it specifically:

Inspired by this wonderful journey on the way to my passions, my training system was born.

How nice that you are here and that I can now share it with you!