Philosophy behind AD


“The truth cannot be silenced. It is the child ever asking "why?"

Oftentimes, we can feel that life is unfair. However, if we look at the natural world there is nothing resembling justice. Nature merely evens out its extremes or removes blockages to achieve balance and this truth will eventually come to light in the situations that you face. You too, are a part of nature…“

IChing - Hexagram 21. Shi Ho (Biting Through)

In my work, especially over the last 15 years working with Harrison Assessments, I have come to know and appreciate the Chinese philosophical system of Yin and Yang as the basis for balance and a creative development process.

Yin and Yang represent a dynamic balance of opposing but complementary and interconnected forces or energies known as Chi - our life force.

Energy is everything, always in motion, transforming and following a balancing rhythm from birth to death, from summer to winter, from high to low, from a dynamic force to a gentle one. And as we can observe in nature, this rhythm is constantly evolving - a creative process.

Over the past 20 years I have had the opportunity to learn from various teachers and use their work, tools and special insights:
In particular, I have learnt a lot from my teachers at the Fritz Perls Institut for Integrative Therapy, I have been deeply influenced by Dr. Dan and Ava Harrison ( and, Steven Kotler, PhD (, the work of Uwe Albrecht (, Bruno Erni ( and Sarah Mccrum ( Janet Bray Attwood's ( positive, passionate energy and her system to help us understand, what is really important to us, has set me on my conscious development path, shown me what is really important to me, given me drive and inspiration to live a deeply meaningful life with more joy and ease.

From all of my teachers I have gained a deeper understanding of how to work with energy (and not against it), how to transform energy and get it flowing - leading to a healthy, meaningful life of joy and fulfillment.

Will the days always be good and smooth?  No

Will we experience difficulties and disasters? Yes

Will we be able to handle challenges better? Yes

Will we be able to return to a smoother ride more quickly? Yes

Will we feel more fulfilled, accomplishing things with more ease and joy - most of the time? Absolutely.

Will we learn and grow personally? Without a doubt!